New Roof Installation by Allguard Roofing – A Roof for Life

New Roofing Installation in Dublin 9Allguard Roofing undertake a wide range of slating, tiling and new roof projects, we are able to work with both natural Blue Bangor or Fibre man-made slate plus a wide range of concrete and clay tiles.

Generally all roofs can have a relatively long lifespan, as long as corrective maintenance is applied along the way, inevitably though as with all slate and tile roofs there will come a time when through age and from damage slating etc and water penetration your roof will eventually need to be replaced to protect the property. We are the slating, tiling and flat roof experts in the roofing trade. We use the most up to date methods and top quality roofing materials to ensure our work is carried out to the highest standard and satisfaction guaranteed.

Re Roofing your property is an excellent investment it can add more value to your property, we don’t compromise on quality to meet your budget.

Our Suppliers for new roof supplies:
Blue Bangor Ireland: Supply Natural Quarry Slate, Fiber & Barna Slate.
Tegral: Clay and concrete tiles & slates
Moy Materials Waterproofing and Insulation specialists.